About The Opportunity

AIR is recruiting 60 middle school teachers in New York State to implement Playground Physics in their classes. This project aims to understand the impact of Playground Physics on students’ knowledge of physics concepts and their engagement in learning physics.

To join the project, a school agrees that…


Teachers will be assigned to a lottery. Teachers will participate in professional development in either October 2021 (Cohort 1) or June 2022 (Cohort 2). Following the professional development, teachers will implement the three Playground Physics units as part of their physics curriculum.


Teachers will teach physics to middle school students. At least one science teacher from the school will teach middle school physics science lessons on energy, force, and motion during the 2021-22 school year.


Schools will distribute parent/guardian information forms. Parent/guardian information forms  allow parents/guardians to opt their child out of the study if desired. 


Schools will provide compatible devices. Schools will provide at least 3 – 5 compatible devices (Apple iPads and most Chromebook, laptop, and desktop devices with a camera) for classroom implementation. See additional information on Device Compatibility.


Schools will support data collection. In all schools, data collection will occur during the 2021/22 school year.

About The Data Collection

Data will be collected both before and after teachers instruct physics lessons. There are four forms of data that AIR will collect:

  • Rosters of students for each classroom of the participating teacher(s).

  • A 20-item multiple choice physics knowledge assessment and a student survey of classroom engagement to the students of teachers participating in the program. 

  • A teacher survey about their physics instructional practices upon completion of instruction.